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Posted 5 hours ago

Such thoughts come to mind after a day filled with noise. I had a very awesome day, working our booth at PAX! It was also rather draining, as I talked to more people than I think I’ve talked to in the couple months.

Posted 3 days ago

Last night we had the launch party for our kickstarter! Spirit Siege is now out there :O Being around friends and family removed so very much stress! I know so very many wonderful people, I really ought to spend more time surrounded by them.

Posted 3 days ago
I just started following you and I love your posts already. I recognise so much in myself. Many people tend to say that their type doesn't match them that well - "there's part of me in that description, but not all of me, and not all of that description in me, yet part of it" - but most INFJs I've met feel like they belong in that space. I am extremely well matched by descriptions on an INFJ - do you feel the same about your connection to being INFJ and the connection of others to theirs?
theinfjwriterandphilanthropist asked
Hi, thank you! I relate to INFJ descriptions, though I’ve never looked at one to find a 100% match (might have to do that!). I’ve found things written about INFJs and stress most helpful in spotting patterns about myself and making positive change. I like cognitive functions and talking in that realm more than just going off of letters. To that end I find this page fascinating:

I haven’t really paid much attention to how people relate to their descriptions. The INTJ sitting next me says: “they’re not inaccurate” and then he said a lot of things about the system of cognitive systems.

Other people have any thoughts?
Posted 4 days ago

Emotions you’re feeling and, emotions others around you are experiencing. There are times when I get really stressed and don’t notice feelings at all, but those are far less often than being too caught up in them. And you can not notice them but still be much more impacted by them.

Posted 5 days ago

This results in lots of emotional / intellectual energy going into long term work and career things, and perhaps not enough going into my immediate surroundings (resulting in things shattering and disaster, too often).

Posted 6 days ago

Which is short for: “I don’t think there is one right answer. I believe you can find the best possible solution. I trust you to find a good solution. I’m going to go work on something else!”

Posted 1 week ago

I become easily passionate about things involving people…this is not the best when I am in pursuit of relaxation. When trying to get away from stress putting my head in the sand (metaphorically) makes it easier.

Posted 1 week ago

I walked into a friend going “you missed me crying!” said in rather high spirits, and I was quite confused. This reply from Ben furthered my confusion until he added that crying in front of me results in greater intimacy. I work under the belief that crying in front of anyone (who isn’t a jerkface) will result in greater intimacy, so this singling out bemused me.

Posted 1 week ago

There are ones I adhere to like politeness’es: please and thank you. There are others I’ve more proactively rejected. Though, if someone where to call any of my behavior in person “unladylike” (whatever that means) I would probably be self-conscious before I would remember to be indignant.

Posted 2 weeks ago

I’m just as guilty of this as any. I like people wanting to connect with me but, I don’t often think about reaching out. This week I reached out to 120+ people on facebook, asking them for help with my Thunderclap. This led to many different conversations and reminded me how very many people I know, that I could spend more time with.