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Posted 18 hours ago

Typically associated with the angst of youth, but I know people that move into new spaces and express the same frustration. Years of experience seems like a very silly indicator if you’re worked with someone that touted their years of experience and then was incompetent.

Posted 1 day ago

"Shouldn’t I be doing something productive? How about now? How about now?" I’m trying to distract myself with podcasts and other such things, and just let myself be as high strung or relaxed as I happen to be.

Posted 3 days ago

As long as they’re with someone you trust. Planning became much less important to me as I become close to people that are good at winging it.

Posted 4 days ago

To enjoy any entertainment (book, movie, video game, tv show) I have to feel connected to the characters. That feeling of closeness lets me get lost in fictional worlds.

Posted 5 days ago

So said Charlie, INTP, I work with. I related to it, as I avoid pushing points unless I’m absolutely positive about the topic. I usually err on the side of caution, and play devil’s advocate rather than take an absolute position.

Posted 6 days ago

The moods of those around me can greatly impact me, often without my realizing. It’s important to seek out those that can uplift, such people are indescribably valuable.

Posted 1 week ago

It can be hard to make a change when you’re stuck in a rut. It feels like the motions are gone through without my realizing it.

Posted 1 week ago

It’s weird when it switches from “today is dragging on foreveeeeer” to “wait, what happened to this month?” and back again.

Posted 1 week ago

I adore working with him, but there are moments when it’s very apparent he’s the only extrovert in the group. I’m sure if there were over extroverts around the energy would be landing and bouncing back with excitement, but sadly not the case.

Posted 1 week ago

Quoting one of my cofounders, Ben. Quitting my stable paying job was scary, but I’m glad I did. Absolute freedom is a wondrous thing.