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Posted 4 months ago

The woes of a devil’s advocate. It wasn’t an argument in the raised voices, heated discussion sense. Just two different options and conflicting opinions. I had thoughts on both sides of the discussion and wanted to make sure we covered everything. I don’t devil’s advocate things people are emotional about, but ideas and game mechanics I reflexively do.

Posted 7 months ago
Do you have many interactions with sensing types, and are any of them positive? I am struck by the fact that you learn from many different types, but- correct me if I'm wrong- they all seem to be intuitive types.
dry-valleys asked

hey-hey dry-valleys

I do have positive interactions with sensing types. The ISTJ I work with takes a-mazing notes. She will no doubt, appear in comic form when the idea forms. I’m still learning how to work best with her though.

Most of the people I hang out with are intuitives though.

Perhaps because of my current circumstances? I started a company with an INTJ, an INTP, and an ENFP. I’ve most recently been spending a lot of time with them. And my partner is an ENTP.

Other people working with us include: an INTP, an ISFP (who I’ve comic’ed somewhere, sometime…), people that haven’t been comic’ed yet (I think…): an ENFP, an ISTJ. We were recently joined by another ISTJ, an ESFJ (both part-time) and an INFJ.

The last place I worked with an ISTJ, ESFP, an INTP, and an INTJ.

And at the job before that the person I learned the most from was an ISTP! As seen here—he was the one I learned to draw out things as I’m talking about them in order to be able to articulate them (and also iterating in super small chunks, just do, do, do!).

Posted 2 years ago

I’ve noticed Ts in general being happier trying new things out if you throw the label “experiment” on them, then success or failure you succeed by virtue of having more knowledge. Cognitive functions aren’t skills that you level up—however by becoming more comfortable with skills in different areas, the less alien these things will seem (and the less alien parts of yourself will seem). 

Posted 2 years ago

With Se + Ti the need being to fit things in less boxes, not to have an overarching storage structure of the boxes. I am so much better at real life Tetris when in that mode. Then I regret being good at it when I can find nothing (but, if I had the energy to STP unpack things would just go into place).

Posted 2 years ago

One thing I like about MBTI, it gives you a good framework to talk about strengths/weaknesses and personal preferences.

Posted 2 years ago

It’s fun hanging out with people that notice completely different things than you do. I find I’m much more aware of my surroundings are SPs, because of how in the world they are. <3 SPs!

Posted 2 years ago

The meeting itself was rather boring but, the interesting bits happened when the INTP started peeling apart the ISTP’s ideas.

Posted 2 years ago

The INTPs & ISTPs I know don’t typically feel the need to be direct about it but, freedom is paramount. I know an INTP that turned down a high paying job because it had less freedom than the lower paying one.

Posted 2 years ago

The ISTPs I’ve met seem really mellow and laid back but..have this hidden core of hating incompetence and all seem to think 90% of other people are incompetent at driving. Drive was an interesting movie to watch for having an ISTP main character, he had an under current of easy violence—though no cruelty.

Posted 3 years ago

I learned a lot working with an ISTP. If he said something was visually off, something was off. I also learned how to idea in Ti-Se style from him.