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Posted 4 months ago

The woes of a devil’s advocate. It wasn’t an argument in the raised voices, heated discussion sense. Just two different options and conflicting opinions. I had thoughts on both sides of the discussion and wanted to make sure we covered everything. I don’t devil’s advocate things people are emotional about, but ideas and game mechanics I reflexively do.

Posted 8 months ago
I'm having difficulty differentiating whether I'm an ISFJ or INFJ. For a long time, I settled with INFJ because I felt like my Sensing side was underdeveloped. Now though, I'm looking more into the Keirsey Temperaments and I feel like I show a lot of signs of Idealist and Guardian, as odd as it is. I feel like internally, I believe I'm an Idealist with Guardian tendencies, but externally, it's vice versa. I guess I was just wondering what your take on this was and if you could maybe help a bit?
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As an INFJ that once dated an ISFJ I find this interesting!

Anecdotal: The ISFJ I knew would often get to the same place or conclusion as I would, but we got there very differently. I find it difficult to quote anyone, ever. He was very good at remembering details about people and noticing details about people. I fixate on connections, the abstract relationships between people. I don’t think much on their actions. 

One of my go-tos for determining type is to look at type under stress—ISFJ vs. INFJ. Sometimes it’s very easy to relate to the positive things said about a type, but locating your weaknesses, or stress areas will often get there more accurately. Which type under stress do you relate to more? Are you a bad ENTP (ISFJ), or a bad ESTP (INFJ)?

You could also look through the functions, I’m a fan of Beebe’s model (scroll down to HERO, from there your hero would be Ni or Si, your parent would be Fe, child of Ti, and anima of Se or Ne).

Posted 2 years ago

You have to be aware of what your past patterns are to be able to change them. You can reflexively assume things (“every time I was told this in the past their actions never demonstrated that it was true.”) you can run into outliers and you can “level up” beyond your past problems (like say, date guys that are worth being friends with after it all).

Posted 2 years ago

Sometimes it’s easy to acknowledge the skills you don’t have…

Posted 2 years ago

My INFP cousin amuses herself at times by dropping her ISFJ younger sister in-between intersections. My ISFJ boyfriend hasn’t gotten a speeding ticket in the last several years but, he does still like to speed.

Posted 2 years ago

It’s nice having a partner that has a similar but, different skill set. He brings a very different mentality than I do, when I run into problems I haven’t resolved he brings a different viewpoint and still understands mine.

Posted 2 years ago

Or, at least, my ISFJ is ridiculously good at locating things. And finding places based on poorly described landmarks.

Posted 2 years ago

I pissed an ISFJ off yesterday by offending her sensibilities (I was very direct). I’m very cognitive of when that happens because all the ISFJs I’ve known, can stare daggers like no one’s business. Erm, but, they’re super amazing allies to have on your side but, they can hold a grudge.

Posted 2 years ago

It’s interesting the people you fall in with. I think when you’re younger it’s much harder to choose your friends. You have the people you’re around (I grew up a small town, so that’s part of it). Though when you’re older it can be harder to find new ones. I grew up in Alaska. Given the choice of SJs and SPs I found myself with far more SP friends. It does put context around the amount of spur of the moment ridiculous. I remember being annoyed that my friends were usually late, didn’t seem to ever plan and wouldn’t make decisions. I find it really funny because they were mostly go-with-the-flow, let’s-keep-moving SPs. Yay, random adventure! The IF friend tested as an INFJ once, she was close on the N/S & P/J, I’m not sure about that. A lot our disagreements seemed more INFJ/INFP clashing. But, two INFJs with different systems would clash.

The guy ESFP is now in the military doesn’t really know what he wants out of life, he’s going where people say he should go. He’s still super passionate but, I think he’s taking another look at things. The ISFJ and I had a falling out I never let go of (being lied to). We weren’t close enough that I would seek to repair it though I have no hard feelings. The ISTP is married and still a happy go lucky knowledge seeker that loves getting things done. The ESTP I caught up recently, he’s been the closest to me after I left Alaska but, we can go a while without communication. He doesn’t have a job, he does odd jobs to pay the bills. He’s an extreme jack of all trades. The ISFP…he’s couch surfing, adrift in life. I wish him well and hope he figures it out. He cuts people out a bit. Whenever the INTJ and I run into each other, it’s effortless to get back on the same note. She’s a writer and chasing after the dream.

Now? I don’t seem to know many SPs. There’s one ESFP that every time I see her I remember why I adore her. I should hang out with more S’es, you need to have people that pull you out of your head.

Ever stop to think about the people around you now, compared to the ones you had when you were younger? 

Posted 2 years ago

I find ENTP & ISFJs to be adorable. It’s definitely a case where they can have very different goals, very different communication styles, and yet still mesh well. You can run the risk of the ENTP not noticing everything the ISFJ does, or not valuing it. The ISFJ might not notice the ENTPs’ way of expressing affection. Just make sure you get what you’re looking for!