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Posted 14 minutes ago
Hi! Love your doodles & pointed my sweet INFJ friend to them. Many of your expressions, colors, and words echo things I've heard/seen from him over the years. I'm an INTP. Your depictions are great & make me laugh at myself, but all the INTPs I have seen you draw are guys. Am not criticizing, since it is likely all the INTPs you know are male, but am a girl INTP and it's hard to find illustrations of them unless I put a label under a bust of Athena. Could you draw a girl INTP some time?
Anonymous asked

Hi! Thank you! Girl INTP, definitely! taskitron (who I work with) has only appeared twice (1, 2) in my comic, but I’m sure she’ll tolerate me making observations of her. The guy you see most frequently is Charlie, with whom I’ve worked for longer and for far more hours!

Posted 6 days ago

Lots of one on one conversations are direly important for my crew of introverts. Multiple conversations allow for better considerations and speed things up.

Posted 1 week ago

For as long as possibility float about, they just might happen. Charlie was sad about not going to a playtesting session due to a live streaming commitment. The unfortunate thing about making plans is it prevents other possibilities from forming.

Posted 1 month ago

This statement left me bemused, so I had to quote it. Sometimes things fall out of and then back into your life. I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally done that, just by happenstance. Though it can be the reflexive reaction to information we can’t yet process. Like, how as a kid so many dirty jokes can fly over your head and then years later when you rewatch things you’re left  aghast.

Posted 1 month ago

So said Ben, when I asked him about working with INTPs. Still, he keeps seeking out INTPs to work with. There’s a healthy cycle of create, destroy, create, destroy, that seems to get results.

Posted 1 month ago

So said Charlie, INTP, I work with. I related to it, as I avoid pushing points unless I’m absolutely positive about the topic. I usually err on the side of caution, and play devil’s advocate rather than take an absolute position.

Posted 2 months ago

The extrovert I work with raised this point. I get caught up in my thoughts less when there’s more back and forth—which is part of what makes one on one interactions ideal.

Posted 2 months ago

Not liking compliments seemed very alien until I got this explanation (from Charlie, INTP friend). I only dislike compliments if they feel disingenuous or manipulative. As I like emotions and I rarely feel overwhelmed by them.

Posted 3 months ago

The woes of a devil’s advocate. It wasn’t an argument in the raised voices, heated discussion sense. Just two different options and conflicting opinions. I had thoughts on both sides of the discussion and wanted to make sure we covered everything. I don’t devil’s advocate things people are emotional about, but ideas and game mechanics I reflexively do.

Posted 4 months ago

Said Charlie (INTP) to Ben (INTJ). I’ve noticed them having completely different views on what the problem to solve is. It is often important to start with: “what is the problem we’re trying to solve?” Because if you make assumptions about that you can easily wonder in different directions.