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Ideally, I would rather find a new solution that we both want. Too often compromise is “I’m not happy so you shouldn’t be either!” In work situations I’ve been fine with “not getting what I want” rather than going with a solution neither of us want, because in healthy relationships (work, platonic, romantic) these things balance out.

Posted 1 day ago

I empathize way too easily with fictional characters. Even bad guys getting their comeuppance in the form of humiliation just makes me feel bad for them.

Posted 2 days ago

I was working on a slidedeck earlier today, I found myself wanting to slash everything in half. Far too many words.

Posted 3 days ago

"Putting up your end" is definitely a learned skill. Not all people are good at reacting to intimacy or strong emotions being expressed. But, people can surprise you—the ones you would expect to be jerks can be angels and the ones you would expect to get it freeze up.

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Hello there, do you have other blogs?
dcblanc asked


My other most active form of online presence is instagram: and I like that because I mostly use my twitter ( for photos!

My startup has a facebook page for the game we’re working on: there are occasionally pictures I take and notes from me there.

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Solving problems goes much faster when you just seek out the best help you can possibly get on them. It can feel like you need to beat your head against a wall before you seek out help—to “earn” the help. Which, is a bad mentality to have if your goal is to get things done.

Posted 5 days ago

I like going and visiting places, though traveling and dealing with people is a bit draining.

Posted 6 days ago

I don’t like being a jerk about things, so when I’m frustrated I often become more polite. Sometimes in a manner that makes people’s days better, sometimes in a manner that makes them feel guilty.

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Life can be much easier or much harder depending on who is in your life.

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It was interesting hearing that perspective from Charlie—INTP friend. When I encounter toxic ideas, I focus on asking a question or series of questions that might make the individual reconsider their stance. My focus is less on the idea itself and more on the individual’s connection to the idea.