Posted 2 hours ago

I love when I can fall into flow. Once I start getting things done it becomes much easier to do things. Starting is always the hardest.

Posted 1 day ago

Some days cute cat videos are more healing than others. It’s easy to get wrapped up in stress, but taking the time to see out the positive can make things so much better.

Posted 1 day ago


Spirit Siege has 8 days left on Kickstarter!

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Posted 2 days ago

Hitting the end of my focus makes forming any kind of thoughts much more difficult. I find it easy enough to react to things when I’m exhausted but initiating is near impossible.

Posted 3 days ago

Just deal with it body! I don’t notice my body a lot of times, so when it negatively impacts me I expect it to resolve itself.

Posted 4 days ago

Lots of one on one conversations are direly important for my crew of introverts. Multiple conversations allow for better considerations and speed things up.

Posted 5 days ago

Sometimes “I feel like I should” overrides everything else and makes it impossible for me to tell if it’s something I actually want. When it’s a very strong feeling of obligation I guess I want to, in order to make the feeling of obligation go away.

Posted 6 days ago

Especially by one that knows me really well, and what kind of things might upset me. I’m glad to have a partner that can prod so well.

Posted 1 week ago

So said Jonathan. He continued that he would greatly prefer a direct no to no reply. Online especially it seems like people will pretend not to see things or just ignore them rather than being direct. I suppose that feels easier, but it’s not fun being left hanging.

Posted 1 week ago

For as long as possibility float about, they just might happen. Charlie was sad about not going to a playtesting session due to a live streaming commitment. The unfortunate thing about making plans is it prevents other possibilities from forming.