Posted 22 hours ago

It can be hard to make a change when you’re stuck in a rut. It feels like the motions are gone through without my realizing it.

Posted 1 day ago

It’s weird when it switches from “today is dragging on foreveeeeer” to “wait, what happened to this month?” and back again.

Posted 2 days ago

I adore working with him, but there are moments when it’s very apparent he’s the only extrovert in the group. I’m sure if there were over extroverts around the energy would be landing and bouncing back with excitement, but sadly not the case.

Posted 3 days ago

Quoting one of my cofounders, Ben. Quitting my stable paying job was scary, but I’m glad I did. Absolute freedom is a wondrous thing.

Posted 4 days ago

Said Ben, talking about online dating profiles. It’s a weird thing to represent yourself in a vacuum—not being able to have a conversation about who you are but just throw out a bunch of different things.

Posted 5 days ago

Quoting Ben (INTJ friend). I find it fun to talk to him about his dating profile and all that stuff, but I remember how super draining it was to do. I think online dating is more enjoyable from the sidelines than in the action…but I also found it hard to deal with so many not real interactions.

Posted 6 days ago

Sigh. I can feel like I didn’t live up to my expectations or goals but, I don’t always have the specificity at the start that would lead me to where I wanted to be. Like, my goal with leaving my job back at the end of October was primarily change. I may not now be where I wish I was but, I can’t say I haven’t gotten change.

Posted 1 week ago

You can’t tell which experiments will work until you’ve tried them all. Part of me longs for a straight path to follow, but there’s a lot growth to be had in change.

Posted 1 week ago

INFJ Doodles turned 4 today!

Three years of posting 1x/day! Weird how time has that habit of always moving forward.

Posted 1 week ago

Jessica was also expressing her frustration—there’s often nothing that can really be “done”. Giving and receiving support can feel passive, but it is action and important action. While the internet can seem like a negative and sludgy place, it does give you this magical ability to find communities, and commune with those that share your values and interests.