Posted 20 hours ago

I was talking to my younger brother about this, it’s a “no perfect answer” situation. Different people have different ideals around how to best receive such emotionally charged information. It’s the kind of thing that is prone to generating horror stories…

Posted 1 day ago

I find it very easy to hypothesize why people are behaving how they’re behaving or locate behavior that runs counter to someone’s absolute label. I often keep this internal, as people often just want: “yeah, he’s such a jerk!” but, not one of my skills… Although if someone is behaving in a toxic (not just clueless) way to someone close to me, my desire to smite appears.

Posted 2 days ago

If I’m interacting with another human being I want to feel like my words are heard and they are replying to those. If I’m dealing with a “computer” I want to be able to skip through the pleasantries and just hit “2”. People reading off scripts is the worst of both worlds.

Posted 3 days ago

I want no possibilities where I’m without my partner. Even playing through them as a thought experiment leaves me sad and emptier.

Posted 4 days ago

It’s not useful to frame problems in the form of what can’t happen or what you can’t do. Figuring out what you actually need can be hard when you’ve wired yourself to see problems as impossible.

Posted 5 days ago

With crowds especially. They become inconvenient boxes, that have a habit of moving where I want to be.

Posted 6 days ago

I daydream quite a lot. It ranges from the scale of conversations I’m nervous about having that are upcoming—and very realistic possibilities to space adventures.

Posted 1 week ago

Ideally, I would rather find a new solution that we both want. Too often compromise is “I’m not happy so you shouldn’t be either!” In work situations I’ve been fine with “not getting what I want” rather than going with a solution neither of us want, because in healthy relationships (work, platonic, romantic) these things balance out.

Posted 1 week ago

I empathize way too easily with fictional characters. Even bad guys getting their comeuppance in the form of humiliation just makes me feel bad for them.

Posted 1 week ago

I was working on a slidedeck earlier today, I found myself wanting to slash everything in half. Far too many words.